30+ jQuery Notifications - Free Code + Demos

Collection of 30+ jQuery Notifications. All items are 100% free and open-source. The list also includes boxes jquery notifications.

1. Alert Components

jQuery Notifications - Alert Components
Author: Lucas Oliveira (lucasyem)
Created on: October 31, 2019
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS

2. Pop Up Social Feed Notification

jQuery Notifications - Pop up social feed notification
Author: Nooray Yemon (yemon)
Created on: July 3, 2018
Made with: HTML, CSS

3. Notification Badge Animation

jQuery Notifications - Notification Badge Animation
Author: Valery Alikin (AlikinVV)
Created on: March 14, 2019
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: notification, badge, particles, blub

4. Notification Bell Button Interaction Design | User-Interactions

jQuery Notifications - Notification Bell Button Interaction Design | User-Interactions
Experimenting with CSS animations, built a design of notification bell button :)
Author: Himalaya Singh (himalayasingh)
Created on: September 26, 2018
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS
Tags: notification, bell, button, animation, interactions

5. Bell Notification Animation

jQuery Notifications - bell notification animation
Author: Diogo Gomes (diogo_ml_gomes)
Created on: September 16, 2018
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: notification, bell, animation

6. Popup Notification

jQuery Notifications - popup notification
Author: David (doomdev)
Created on: August 16, 2018
Made with: Pug, Sass, Babel
CSS Pre-processor: Sass
JS Pre-processor: Babel
HTML Pre-processor: Pug
Tags: gsap, animation, popup

7. Toast Messages + Remove Animation

jQuery Notifications - Toast Messages + Remove Animation
Toast Messages UI components with jquery remove animation
Author: Veronica (veronicadev)
Created on: June 6, 2018
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS
Tags: toast, toast messages, jquery, messages, message

8. CSS-only Notifications Component

jQuery Notifications - CSS-only Notifications Component
This is a Sass mixin that provides notifications functionality using little-to-none Javascript. It makes use of CSS transitions and animations to display notifications as popups or bars on different locations of the viewport. The best thing is that it is fully customizable and easy to use....
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Author: Damián Muti (damianmuti)
Created on: June 10, 2017
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: css, sass, component, notifications, svg

9. Notifications, Alerts, Modals

jQuery Notifications - Notifications, Alerts, Modals
Author: DevTips (devtips)
Created on: July 29, 2016
Made with: Pug, Sass, JS
CSS Pre-processor: Sass
JS Pre-processor: None
HTML Pre-processor: Pug

10. Overhang.js

🔔 A jQuery plugin for notifications, prompts and confirmations.
Created on: June 24, 2015

11. Notifications

jQuery Notifications - Notifications
Growl style notifications for a web app.
Author: Hampus Persson (hmps)
Created on: April 8, 2014
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: notifications

12. Notify.js

Notify.js - A simple, versatile notification library
Created on: March 27, 2013

13. Ohsnap.js

A simple jQuery/Zepto notification library designed to be used in mobile apps
Created on: September 4, 2013

14. Notify Better

An all in one jQuery plugin that let you change your favicon, browser's title and more to reflect new notifications
Created on: August 26, 2013

15. Toastr

Simple javascript toast notifications
Created on: April 30, 2012

16. Notification

jQuery Notifications - Notification
Author: Yuri Beliakov (belyan)
Created on: May 15, 2018
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: ui, component, alert, notification, message

17. Notifications Widget

jQuery Notifications - Notifications widget
A simple notifications widget. Items' date are auto-generated every time. There are built-in calculations for missed events and today's events. There is also a dismiss functionality. Next step: snooze feature.
Author: Alex Marinenko (jo-asakura)
Created on: April 29, 2014
Made with: HTML, Less, JS
Tags: notifications, reminder, todos, tasks, widget

18. Notifications

jQuery Notifications - Notifications
Author: Brett (tterb)
Created on: September 9, 2017
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: notifications, app, design, ui

19. Simple Alert/Notification Design

jQuery Notifications - Simple Alert/Notification Design
A simplistic approach to an alert design for information, warning, error and success based alerts. Forked from Responsive Designs's Pen Simple Alert/Notification Design.
Author: karan kundi (kkundi)
Created on: September 1, 2015
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: alert, notification, pure-css, warning, information

20. Notify

jQuery Notifications - Notify
A simple little notification system that will let you define a success or an error, so you can hook in with CSS and style accordingly.
Author: T.J. Fogarty (tjFogarty)
Created on: February 27, 2013
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS
Tags: css, notification, javascript, popup

21. Notifications Menu | N° 007

jQuery Notifications - Notifications Menu | N° 007
Author: Batuhan Gulgor (batuhangulgor)
Created on: January 9, 2020
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: 100dayscsschallenge, challenge, notifications, menu, hamburger

22. Notification Bell

jQuery Notifications - Notification Bell
Author: Agil Kerimov (agilk)
Created on: November 6, 2019
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: notification, notifications, bell, facebook style notification

23. Toast Notifications - JQuery

jQuery Notifications - Toast Notifications - jQuery
This is a small Toast helper for notifications of different types. I find it most helpful for ajax calls and form validation.
Author: Jon Tetzlaff (jontetz)
Created on: April 28, 2016
Made with: HTML, Less, JS

24. Jquery - Notification Dropdown On Bell Click, And +1 Button Turns Red On Click - "Feedster"

jQuery Notifications - Jquery - Notification dropdown on bell click, and +1 button turns red on click - "Feedster"
Author: Matt (MDJML)
Created on: October 11, 2016
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS

25. Notification Dropdown JQuery

jQuery Notifications - Notification dropdown jQuery
Click anywhere outside of container to close dropdown menu
Author: Robin L (robinswaylu)
Created on: January 26, 2016
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS

26. Jquery Notification

jQuery Notifications - Jquery Notification
Author: jhonsore (jhonsore)
Created on: February 23, 2016
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS

27. Notification CSS + JQuery

jQuery Notifications - Notification CSS + JQuery
Author: Kizito Ezeozue (arinzeeze)
Created on: July 19, 2018
Made with: Pug, SCSS, JS
CSS Pre-processor: SCSS
JS Pre-processor: None
HTML Pre-processor: Pug