25+ Vue Notifications - Free Code + Demos

Collection of 25+ Vue Notifications. All items are 100% free and open-source. The list also includes boxes vue notifications.

1. Vue Toastification

Vue Notifications - Vue Toastification
Vue notifications made easy!
Created on: October 11, 2019

2. Toast / Notification With Progress Bar | CustomElement

Vue Notifications - Toast  / Notification with Progress Bar | CustomElement
Author: Mateus Generoso (mtsgeneroso)
Created on: April 10, 2019
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: toast, notification, scss, webcomponent

3. VueJS Notifications

Vue Notifications - VueJS Notifications
:icecream: Vue.js 2 library for showing notifications
Created on: May 25, 2017

4. Notification Stack

Vue Notifications - Notification Stack
Author: bencodezen (bencodezen)
Created on: October 3, 2018
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel

5. Vue Awesome Notifications

Vue.js version of Awesome Notifications library
Created on: January 16, 2018

6. Pop Up Social Feed Notification

Vue Notifications - Pop up social feed notification
Author: Nooray Yemon (yemon)
Created on: July 3, 2018
Made with: HTML, CSS

7. Cxlt Vue2 Toastr

toast notification component for vue2
Created on: April 12, 2017

8. Vue Toasted

Vue Notifications - Vue Toasted
🖖 Responsive Touch Compatible Toast plugin for VueJS 2+
Created on: March 2, 2017

9. Vue Weather Notifier

Vue Notifications - Vue Weather Notifier
A little weather notifier app to show SVG animation and vuex with templates. The code is a little different in codepen, you can see it all how it would be set up for an app in this repo: https://github.com/sdras/vue-weather-notifier
Author: Sarah Drasner (sdras)
Created on: January 17, 2017
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel
Tags: vue, vuex, vue weather notifier, vue svg, vue svg animation

10. Vuenotifications

Vue.js agnostic library for non-blocking notifications
Created on: October 4, 2016

11. Vue Notifications

Vue Notifications - vue notifications
vue notifications
Author: Dima (dimaZubkov)
Created on: October 3, 2018
Made with: Pug, Stylus, JS
CSS Pre-processor: Stylus
JS Pre-processor: None
HTML Pre-processor: Pug
Tags: vue, notice, notifications

12. Vuesax Notifications Defaults

Vue Notifications - Vuesax Notifications Defaults
Author: luisdanielroviracontreras (luisdanielroviracontreras)
Created on: February 14, 2018
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS
Tags: vue, notifications, css, javascript

13. Vue Notification Test

Vue Notifications - Vue Notification Test
Author: IvanChanDev (ivan-chan-dev)
Created on: March 5, 2019
Made with: HTML, JS

14. Vue Notifications

Vue Notifications - Vue Notifications
Notifications with Vue.js Inspired by Wordpress notifications This is essentially a rewrite of an old pen of mine
Author: Mike Weaver (mjweaver01)
Created on: April 11, 2016
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS

15. Vue Notification (Vue 1.06 Needed)

Vue Notifications - Vue Notification (Vue 1.06 Needed)
Author: Giulia Chiola (giuliachiola)
Created on: November 11, 2017
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel

16. Vue.js - Basic Alert Component

Vue Notifications - Vue.js - Basic alert component
Author: Simon vom Eyser (simonvomeyser)
Created on: September 5, 2016
Made with: Pug, Stylus, Babel
CSS Pre-processor: Stylus
JS Pre-processor: Babel
HTML Pre-processor: Pug

17. Alert Component With Vue Slot

Vue Notifications - Alert Component  with Vue slot
Author: Airen (airen)
Created on: March 21, 2018
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel

18. Vue.JS Modal

Vue Notifications - Vue.JS Modal
Forked from Saman's Pen Vue.JS Modal.
Author: rodrigo.djodi@gmail.com (djodi)
Created on: January 12, 2018
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS

19. [Vue] SweetAlert2

Vue Notifications - [Vue] SweetAlert2
Style of alert is forked from SweetAlert2 (https://limonte.github.io/sweetalert2/)
Author: PJCHEN (PJCHENder)
Created on: June 2, 2017
Made with: Pug, SCSS, JS
CSS Pre-processor: SCSS
JS Pre-processor: None
HTML Pre-processor: Pug

20. Vue Toasts

Vue Notifications - Vue Toasts
An example of a Vue toast managment system
Author: Diamak (diamak)
Created on: November 7, 2019
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel
Tags: vue, vuejs, toasts, alerts