20+ Vue Input Text - Free Code + Demos

Collection of 20+ Vue Input Text. All items are 100% free and open-source. The list also includes placeholders vue input text.

1. Vue Phone Number Input

Vue Input Text - Vue Phone Number Input
A phone number input made with Vue JS (format & valid phone number)
Created on: January 16, 2019

2. Vue Highlightable Input

Vue Input Text - Vue Highlightable Input
A vue component to highlight text as you're typing
Created on: March 18, 2018

3. Vue Phone Input

Vue component for entering phone numbers
Created on: September 20, 2017

4. The Mask

Tiny (<2k gzipped) and dependency free mask input for Vue.js
Created on: April 17, 2017

5. Vue Masked Input

Masked input component for Vue.js
Created on: January 23, 2017

6. Vue Numeric

Input field component to display a formatted currency value based on Vue.js
Created on: December 7, 2016

7. Vue Input Mask

🔡 Tiny input mask library for Vue.js (directive)
Created on: August 12, 2016

8. Vue Tel Input

Vue Input Text - Vue Tel Input
International Telephone Input with Vue https://educationlink.github.io/vue-tel-input/
Created on: December 13, 2017

9. Text Mask

Vue Input Text - Text Mask
Input mask for React, Angular, Ember, Vue, & plain JavaScript
Created on: January 22, 2016

10. Form - Input/Select: - Standard - Quasar Playground

Vue Input Text - Form - Input/Select: - Standard - Quasar Playground
Author: Silko (Silko)
Created on: July 9, 2020
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel
Tags: quasar, form, input, select, moi

11. Input Examples (Vue.js)

Vue Input Text - Input Examples (Vue.js)
How to use input, select and textarea with vuejs.
Author: Rajcsányi Zoltán (rajcsanyiz)
Created on: February 24, 2018
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS
Tags: vuejs, input, textarea, data-binding, tutorial

12. Live Search Vue.js

Vue Input Text - live search Vue.js
Author: Antonio Coppola (cuppilekkia)
Created on: January 4, 2017
Made with: HTML, CSS, Babel

13. Vue Search Filter

Vue Input Text - Vue search filter
Author: Andrew thian (AndrewThian)
Created on: February 21, 2017
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel

14. Vue.js Limit Input Characters

Vue Input Text - Vue.js Limit Input Characters
A simple way to count the number of characters left.
Author: Christophor Wilson (CSWApps)
Created on: January 28, 2018
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: vue, vuejs, limit, characters

15. Vuejs - Form Input Bindings

Vue Input Text - Vuejs - Form Input Bindings
Author: Leo LI (leo_li)
Created on: December 11, 2016
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS

16. Vue Image Input Component To Preview Images

Vue Input Text - Vue Image Input Component to Preview Images
Author: Taha Shashtari (tahazsh)
Created on: December 3, 2018
Made with: HTML, Stylus, JS