20+ React Notifications - Free Code + Demos

Collection of 20+ React Notifications. All items are 100% free and open-source. The list also includes boxes react notifications.

1. Duration After Which The Notification Box Is Closed - Ant Design Demo

React Notifications - Duration after which the notification box is closed - Ant Design Demo
Author: Alina (alinos2017)
Created on: July 22, 2019
Made with: HTML, CSS, TypeScript

2. React Notifications Component

React Notifications - React Notifications Component
Delightful and highly customisable React Component to notify your users
Created on: June 24, 2018

3. React Toastify

React Notifications - React Toastify
React notification made easy 🚀 !
Created on: November 8, 2016

4. React Toast Notifications

🍞 A toast notification system for react
Created on: June 1, 2018

5. React Native Flash Message

React Notifications - React Native Flash Message
React Native flashbar and top notification alert utility
Created on: March 5, 2018

6. React Native Dropdownalert

React Notifications - React Native Dropdownalert
A simple alert to notify users about new chat messages, something went wrong or everything is ok.
Created on: June 26, 2016

7. React Notifications

Notification component for ReactJS
Created on: May 15, 2015

8. Pop Up Social Feed Notification

React Notifications - Pop up social feed notification
Author: Nooray Yemon (yemon)
Created on: July 3, 2018
Made with: HTML, CSS

9. React Notification System

A complete and totally customizable component for notifications in React
Created on: May 6, 2015

10. Mensagens De Erro Sucesso E Aviso

React Notifications - Mensagens de Erro Sucesso e Aviso
Author: Leonardo Melo (leonardo-melo-the-sasster)
Created on: October 31, 2019
Made with: HTML, CSS, TypeScript
Tags: notifications, message, stats

11. React Notification Component

React Notifications - React Notification Component
Author: Chris Cooper (ccooper93)
Created on: March 29, 2017
Made with: Pug, SCSS, Babel
CSS Pre-processor: SCSS
JS Pre-processor: Babel
HTML Pre-processor: Pug

12. SideBar + Notification (React)

React Notifications - SideBar + Notification (React)
Notification layout with sliding sidebar. Done in React instead of HTMl/ CSS/ Javascript. Inspired by https://codepen.io/roydigerhund/pen/ZQwJyj.
Author: Igor Irianto (iggpen)
Created on: September 5, 2017
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel
Tags: react, notification, sidebar, menu

13. A Notification With ReactJS

React Notifications - A notification with ReactJS
Author: Gabriel (GGarciaSeco)
Created on: February 11, 2016
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel
Tags: notifications

14. React Toast Notifier

React Notifications - React Toast Notifier
Author: ajduke (ajduke)
Created on: October 14, 2017
Made with: SCSS, Babel

15. React Redux Notification Box

React Notifications - React Redux Notification Box
Author: Hoang Nguyen (codeaholicguy)
Created on: June 8, 2016
Made with: HTML, SCSS, Babel

16. Alert Notifications With Alertify.js

React Notifications - Alert notifications with alertify.js
Author: Alex Pivtorak (alexpivtorak)
Created on: February 10, 2015
Made with: HTML, SCSS, JS
Tags: alert, notification, alertify

17. Sweetalert Demo

React Notifications - sweetalert demo
Author: clown1108yu (ningen11108yu)
Created on: December 3, 2019
Made with: HTML, CSS, JS
Tags: alert, javascript

18. ReactJS: ConfirmButton

React Notifications - ReactJS: ConfirmButton
Author: M Junaidi (mjunaidi)
Created on: November 4, 2017
Made with: HTML, Babel